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power supply 1800w mining

power supply 1800w mining

1800W is a full range input AC/DC power module / mining power / PC power / chassis power supply and   power supply 1800w mining


Manufacturer: Shenzhen Suoyuan Technology Co., Ltd.


The main features of the product are:


1, wide input voltage range; (180-264VAC 50/60HZ)

2, high efficiency, high quality; (efficiency up to 95% or more)

3, built-in EMI filter, low ripple noise; EMI is below ENDB32 CLASS B standard 6DB.

4, with output overcurrent / overvoltage protection / over temperature protection

5: The product has passed the EMI test.


power supply 1800w mining


Second, the main specifications of the product


Maximum output power Input voltage range Output voltage Maximum output current Regulatory accuracy Output ripple and noise

1650W 180-264Vac 12Vdc 150A no-load voltage at 12V ≤120mVp-p

Dimensions L×W×H=225×105×40 (unit: mm)




Third, packaging, transportation, storage

1, packaging

The product name, model number, manufacturer's logo, inspection certificate of the manufacturer's quality department, date of manufacture, etc. are on the package; there is a list of accessories in the package.

2, transportation

The product should be shipped in a secure package. The outside of the box should comply with the relevant national standards and should have signs such as “careful handling” and “moisture proof”. The box containing the product is allowed to be transported by any means of transport. Direct leaching and mechanical impact of rain and snow should be avoided during transportation.

3. Storage

When the product is not in use, it should be stored in the packing box. The warehouse environment temperature is -30-40 °C and the relative humidity is not more than 80%. No harmful gas, flammable or explosive products and corrosive chemicals are allowed in the warehouse. And without strong mechanical vibration, impact and strong magnetic field, the package should be at least 20cm away from the ground, at least 50cm away from the wall, heat source, window or air inlet. The storage period under these conditions is generally 2 years, more than 2 The test should be re-examined after the year.

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